A bus is a moving medium

The popularity and use of buses as a means of transport will certainly see significant growth in the future. Due to their size and mobile nature, bus advertisements effectively complement all marketing and communication activities. It can help you build brand recognition and product-oriented advertising. It is very effective at addressing mobile population audiences, especially the youth, working people, and the elderly.

Targeting consumers and localizing the message

A bus is a mobile advertising platform that does not require any additional changes in the environment. Nomago's fleet drives over 10 million kilometers every year. This means that over 10 million drivers spot us in the same period. We can guarantee an exceptional reach and frequent sightings of our advertising space.

Capture an advantageous moment of customer contact

We enable you to advertise on the exterior of intercity buses that effectively capture the urban enviroment including the everyday hustle and bustle in the city. Buses are intertwined into the everyday life of residents. Advertising on the exterior of buses (even while digital advertising is on the rise) keeps its place as an excellent sales promotion and support tool and deserves the title of a highly visible medium with good reach.

Use the advertising space inside the bus

Each passenger spends more than 30 minutes on the bus every day. The advantage of advertising in the interior of buses is the long term exposure of the passengers to the ad. Ads in the interior of buses are therefore suitable for longer messages that distract the passengers and attract their attention during their commute. We offer sampling of your product on buses, we can hand out leaflets on city buses or put them in stands. We also offer billboards and posters behind the driver's seat.

Get to know the benefits of bus station advertising

The vast majority of passengers arrive at bus stops 5 minutes or more before departure, so the first advantage of advertising on buses and stops is definitely in the long-term presence of a commercial message. Let's not ignore the high frequency of passengers and the possibility of localization of the advertisement at as many as 20 bus stations across Slovenia.

You can contact us to lease advertising space on and in city and suburban buses and at all bus stops and stations. The exterior of the bus is attractive mainly because of its size and mobility, and it also offers a variety of creative solutions that make buses and cities more colorful.

Special forms of advertising for special events or brands

We arrange for a branded vehicle for the duration of your transportation lease or arrange an event on the bus itself. We can support you in creating an advertisement story consistent with your brand.
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