Sustainable mobility and social responsibility

Focusing on sustainable mobility

At Nomago, we take our social responsibility seriously. We actively focus on preserving the environment and raising awareness of the importance of keeping our environment clean. Transport services are a rapidly evolving field. We are glad that the trends are moving towards smart environmentally-friendly transport and sustainable mobility which influences the expectations of our passengers. We work hard on adapting our services to emerging trends and to expectations of younger passengers who live in an increasingly fast-paced world.

We support public transportation and we would like to encourage you to use it!

Traffic is an increasing burden on the environment. 20 percent of greenhouse gas emissions in Slovenia are caused by vehicles. Almost 40 percent of traffic-related CO2 emissions are caused by using cars in city centers. We have therefore made it our mission to encourage people to use alternative modes of transport which will in-turn reduce CO2 emissions.

Nomago supports any ideas or suggestions that promote the use of public passenger transport. This is why our passengers can purchase tickets within the integrated public passenger transport projects, so they can use combined public transport in a cheaper and more convenient way. 

Certificates confirm our compliance with European environmental standards

We are proud to have obtained the ISO 14001: 2015 certificate for passenger transport, fleet maintenance as well as the organization and sale of package tours. We are pleased that we have been rewarded with a certificate for our good work, but we remain focused on the future. This is why we only buy buses that conform to ecological standards EURO 5 or EURO 6. The MAN Pure Diesel concept was developed by the bus manufacturer MAN to meet the extremely strict EURO 5 requirements and the even stricter requirements of the EEV emissions standard. This technology does not increase fuel consumption while offering economical procurement, operation, and maintenance.  

We are taking part in a very important project which focuses on developing environmentally-friendly mobility technologies.

Nomago has signed a commitment to participate in the Edison project (Eco Driving Innovative SOlutions and Networking) together with our 40 strategic partners. Slovenia will enter the global development of environmentally friendly mobility technologies and future solutions through this project. Our role in the project is mostly the development and provision of smart and environmentally friendly urban mobility.

Care for the environment matters. Let's not forget about it!

We are trying to keep our fleet as new as possible since newer vehicles are friendlier to the environment. We also regularly maintain and clean our fleet which provides at least two benefits: longer service life of buses and increased customer satisfaction. The fact that we use special degreasing agents for treating wastewater in an environmentally friendly manner also shows that we take environmental concerns very seriously. We try to reduce pollution by investing in new buses which are equipped with engines according to EURO standards and we are also taking part in environmentally-friendly electric bus projects.

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