Top of the line buses for new adventures

We gladly point to our modern fleet of safe, eco-friendly buses, which we constantly complement with vehicles conforming to the ecological standards of EURO 5 and EURO 6. All vehicles are regularly maintained by our own service center for the maintenance and repair of commercial vehicles.  

We offer groups the opportunity to rent vehicles ranging from 19-seat minibuses to 63-seat buses. Passengers who desire the highest standard are recommended to rent luxury buses by SETRA, IVECO, MAN and MERCEDES BENZ.

Our drivers are professionally trained and knowledgeable about domestic and European destinations. Transfer services are carried out in accordance with the applicable transport, labour and tax legislation, and all our passengers and vehicles are insured.With us, your journey will be safe and comfortable, and you'll arrive at your destination rested and relaxed!

What do we offer?

  • Transport for trips and excursions in Slovenia and abroad
  • Transport of children on excursions, events, sporting and cultural events
  • Transport of athletes to competitions
  • Transport of theater and music groups on tour
  • Transport to airports, ports, bus and rail stations
  • Transport to sporting events, business and social gatherings, and fairs


Why travel with us?

Our drivers in air-conditioned and modern buses will safely and comfortably bring you to your destination, wherever that may be:

  • A group of school children to local attractions or theatrical performances in a nearby city – because buses are equipped with modern audio equipment, they can learn many interesting things on the way
  • Enthusiastic hikers to a European capital – the trip will be enjoyable, and you will arrive ready to take in new experiences
  • Adventurous travelers on a longer journey across many destinations – buses have more than enough room for all the luggage you could ever need


Or you can also write to us at or Call us at +386 1 431 77 00

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