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Group travel

Our experienced agents organize group trips daily. This includes any trip where 10 or more people travel together. We arrange group ticket bookings, which has several advantages, such as: 

  • passenger names can be entered up to 15 days before departure (unless otherwise requested by the selected carrier),
  • when you confirm your reservation, you only pay the deposit, the remaining balance ca be paid up to 35 days before departure,
  • favorable conditions for date changes,
  • possibility of changing the passenger's name (at extra charge), which is generally not allowed for individual bookings,
  • possibility of payment by cash at our branch office, by bank transfer or by credit card!

In addition to plane tickets, we can also arrange:

  • skupinski prevoz do letališča,
  • affordable accommodations,
  • daily activities and city tours, if provided in the itinerary. 

Before departure, we send a travel reminder to all travelers with all the necessary information and remind them of travel insurance, any visas or vaccinations required for the trip.

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