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A trip everyone dreams of, but only a handful of lucky people actually do it. Today, this isn't an impossible financial challenge, as practically everyone can afford it. Traveling around the world can take anywhere from two months to one year. The journey adapts to your needs, and with the help of Nomago Travel, you can tailor every detail to your wishes and needs. Our agent is always available to take care of your flight booking, unforeseen route changes or misunderstandings that may arise with the airlines. You have 24-hour free telephone support at your disposal. Does it sound tempting enough to explore further? Yes, definitely! Open your heart and follow your dreams.

Well, enough talking, let's get straight to the action. We have already prepared some great packages. Which option is best for you?

The temperamental south is full of breathtaking locations. Even a simple walk through the city streets is tuned to the rhythms of samba, salsa, and Argentine tango. This trip is also suitable for anyone who wants to go trekking through Patagonia and take in the beautiful nature of Chile. Towards the end, you can even see the famous locations where Pablo Escobar left his mark. 

Travel Challenge: When in Colombia, treat yourself to a variety of coffees, discover their many taste differences, and become a master brewer.  

You're tempted by these places, their stories, and mysteries. You like to sit in trendy cafes and enjoy a traditional dessert, while watching passersby rush through their daily routine. You enjoy learning about history, culture and you treat yourself to a souvenir from a flea market. Every real city has a city park to go to if you get tired of the bustle of the urban jungle. 

The challenge of the trip: take selfie at each stop in front of the largest city landmark, and you return home with a collage of memories captured in photos. 

* for most flights, only hand luggage is included in the price. But no worries, you will definitely be able to pack the essentials into a small backpack. Heavy suitcases make it difficult to move and explore. ;)

Do you dream of a journey that will unite your great love - interesting cities and magical nature? You start in Taiwan in a completely different culture, and then fly to Australia. You will get to know Melbourne and Sydney, cities that, according to travelers, are a true cosmopolitan cocktail with great architecture. After exploring the two cities, it will be time to find the meaning of life on the beautiful beaches of Fiji. Finally, perhaps the best part of this trip - enchanting New Zealand! 

Travel Challenge: Learn how to surf at the start of the trip and test the Australian and New Zealand waves later on.   

If you're tempted by the charms of the world’s largest cities and you want to feel the pulse of bustling Bangkok, laid-back Sydney and star-studded Los Angeles, then the City Hopper package is right for you. One trip, as many days as you want, and 6 places just waiting to meet you. In addition to airfares, we also arrange accommodations and activities for each destination, so that the journey is as comfortable and relaxing as possible. So ... are you done packing?

Travel Challenge: When in Auckland, visit the Lord of the Rings shooting locations. Maybe you can find something special there! 

Can we talk you into a ... quickie? ;) We mean, of course, a quick travel escape. From just-oriental-enough Istanbul to sunny San Francisco, continuing with to vibrant Honolulu, and closing with high-tech Seoul. Of course, you can extend the route around the world accordingly and see more in each country - we are always here for you to recommend additional activities.

Travel Challenge: All cities on this trip host their own marathons - participate in at least one of them. OK, OK, you can take part as a fan too. ;)

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