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Economy class

Economy Class offers affordable travel. Seat reservation is usually not included in the price, so the agent must check whether an extra charge is required when purchasing a flight ticket or if this option is available for free. Usually, depending on the carrier, it includes a light snack and drinks on shorter flights and a warm meal on longer flights. Changing the date of travel is possible in most cases (when you don't buy tickets on a special discount offer), but we recommend that you always insure your trip with cancellation risk insurance (special charges apply), which guarantees a refund in the event of a cancellation due to unexpected events / illness.

Economy class travel can be quite comfortable when it comes to shorter distances, but for longer distances, we can check if the carrier offers an economy class upgrade where you have more legroom and can rest in a bit more comfort.

A new experience on the airplane made possible by premium economy class on certain flights 

Premium Economy Class offers you a new experience on the go, is a transition between business and economy, and is usually accessible on longer flights. For a small surcharge, you get more personal space on the flight, more legroom, more luggage, and more flight services included. It remains far cheaper than flying in business class.

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