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First class


First Class is the most luxurious form of travel and service on board. These airline tickets are usually much more expensive than those for business or economy class, offering only the best services, complete privacy on the trip and comfort on the flight.

Airlines allow first-class travel only on longer, overseas flights when traveling with larger types of aircraft. On shorter routes, for example across Europe, this option is not available, and only the economy and business classes are on offer.

First-class passengers enjoy the special comfort of:

  • Free access to the luxury / VIP airport lounge
  • free internet access
  • two pieces of luggage
  • faster check-in 
  • complete privacy on the fly 
  • the most comfortable seat that turns into a flat bed.They also offer you a comfortable pillow and blanket. Travelers are also usually welcomed with a set of quality travel accessories, pajamas, slippers, towels ...

You will be in the culinary care of a chef during the flight, and every meal will be accompanied by select wines and sparkling wine, as well as other refreshing non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages.

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