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Why book with Nomago Travel?

Why book with Nomago Travel?

See the most common reasons why it pays to book flights and travel with us. The most obvious, but not the only reason, is that we offer affordable flights for all airlines from national to low cost carriers such as Ryanair, Easy Jet, Wizzair, Air Asia, and others. We offer airline tickets from all airlines to all destinations in the world. We also have access to special rates and offers that are NOT available on the Internet .

Particularly good prices for young people, students and teachers

In addition to regular flights, we also offer special rates for under-26s, students and teachers - these can be significantly cheaper and you can save up to € 200. Some of our best discounts are available for Asia and Australia. Remember, these prices are not published on the website and are available exclusively from our agents. The only prerequisite is that you present or order a Student (ISIC), Teacher (ITIC) or Youth (IYTC) card.

Easy and convenient date change

Sometimes, you have such a good time on your trip that you would like to prolong your adventure a little, or some compelling circumstance forces you to go home sooner. In both cases, a change of the date of the airline ticket is required, and we are here to help you out . We'll inform you if changes are possible and what the additional costs might be before your purchase.

Cancellation Risk Insurance

We often buy an plane tickets several months before our departure, and by the time of our trip, many unforeseeable situations - illnesses, exams, court obligations, leave problems, etc. - can occur, which is why we offer cancellation risk insurance at a mere 3-5% of the ticket price. You can also choose to insure your departure with a simple risk policy, which covers your cancellation in the event of injuries and illnesses, or an extended risk insurance that also covers a variety of circumstances related to your studies, job, or other administrative events.

Solving problems on the go

We are also on your side in case of any problems during your trip, such as flight cancellations, delays, lost luggage, etc. Even if there are changes to your schedule before departure, we will let you know in time and confirm your flights with the airline.

Offices all over the world

We work with one of the largest travel agency networks in the world (STA Travel), which means that the nearest branch is never far away, as there are offices in as many as 85 countries in the world.

Flight ticket cancellation

If you can't go on your trip and would like to cancel your flight ticket, we'll make sure that you get the best refund possible.

Additional luggage

If you are traveling with extra luggage, sports equipment, etc., we'll arrange everything you need with the airline, and in most cases, make sure that you can settle your extra luggage charges before departure.

Wide range of insurance, accommodation, packages, travel equipment, guides...

In addition to airline tickets, we offer a broad range of services and products for all travelers. We can help you take out affordable insurance , arrange accommodation , book tours and day trips , and you can also buy travel guides Lonely Planet and travel equipment with us.

A daily offer of discounted products on Facebook and our website

We are always on the hunt for great prices, which we regularly post on our site and Facebook page, so you are always up to date and know exactly when and where to go next.

Be informed

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