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How to get cheap airline tickets

How to get cheap airline tickets

Whether a flight is cheap is affected by a number of different factors: purchase time, destination, airline, season - all affect the price and it is very difficult to predict when a particular flight will be the cheapest. However, there are some basic rules which can help you find the cheapest option for your destination. We'll list them below, and if you have any additional questions, do visit our office, call us, or write us via email.

First and last tip: stay in touch!

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If your departure and return dates are more flexible, you're more likely to find a better option for your destination. Sometimes a single day makes a big difference in the price. We know that it's sometimes hard to change travel dates, but if you have the opportunity to do this, do let us know.

Departure airport

Ljubljana Airport (Jože Pučnik Airport) is one of the smallest in the world, which means that flights are often more expensive than flights from other nearby airports. It is also always good to look at the departure options from Klagenfurt, Graz, Trieste and Zagreb (Zagreb International Airport), as well as from Munich, Vienna, Venice (Venice Marco Polo and Treviso Airport in direct vicinity) or even Milan, Bologna, and Budapest. Sometimes the difference is so significant, that it is much greater than the cost of transport to the airport, even if you are flying with friends and can share a car. We can also arrange transportation to the Venice and Ljubljana airports with our shuttle service, or provide you with train tickets, buses and private transfers to and from airports in Italy, Austria, Germany, Hungary and Croatia. 


Flying with only one carrier is not the best strategy for a cheap ticket - it is always good to check all carriers, since sometimes even the low cost airlines (such as Ryanair, Easy Jet, Wizzair, Volotea, Pegasus and others) can charge more for a comparable flight. Of course, we know that the quality and reputation of the airline also mean a lot, but would you pay 200 € more for slightly better airplane food, a seat screen and a bigger smile from flight attendants? We didn't think so. Check the entire selection first, and then decide how much you are willing to part with for extra comfort. Sometimes, it's better to tough it out and choose a "worse", but considerably cheaper option. You might have money left over to treat yourself to a drink on the plane, and you won't even notice the difference.

Validity of airline tickets

All flights have fixed "durability" dates within which you can travel. The cheapest among them are one-month tickets. Of course, this option might not work for you if you want to travel for three months, but if you were planning a 35 day trip, maybe shaving it down to a month would make sense. Especially if the alternative is a much cheaper plane ticket. Always check!

If you are a student and will choose a student airline ticket, you will not be subject to these restrictions as all student tickets are valid for one year.

The best time to buy a flight ticket

The main rule for when to buy a ticket is: As soon as you know the exact dates of your travel. Ticket rarely get cheaper a few weeks after purchase; it is much more likely that it the price will rise as the departure draws closer and fewer seats are available. This doesn't mean that you can't get a good price at the last minute, it's just less likely. As soon as you start planning your trip and know the approximate dates, visit us, give us a call or send us an email to get at least an indicative price.

Of course, buying a plane ticket, can be quite the cost, especially if you're a student, and it's not easy to empty your pockets months before your trip. Especially if you are not sure what might still happen before your trip. That's why Nomago Travel offers you the option of cancellation risk insurance , which lets you to recover the costs of a ticket if health problems or a long list of other demonstrable reasons stop you from flying.

High season

Tickets for all destinations are significantly more expensive in some periods, particularly in July and August, and from mid-December to mid-January. We recomend that you plan your trip outside these months - of course you can get a good price in the middle of the summer too, but it takes a bit of luck. Airline costs also vary by season. A high season ticket may well be an off-season ticket for another airline. Flexibility is key, as even one day can make a difference.


Of course, prices also depend on the destination you are flying to. Usually, flights to the US are much cheaper than those to Australia, and many other rules might apply, but in principle, you probably already know where you would like to travel. So it makes more sense to mention where to fly in a particular part of the world. In most cases, flights to major airports are cheaper, so it's sometimes better to fly to a larger airport, and then get an internal flight to your final destination or even travel your final stretch in another way. Smaller and more remote airports are significantly more expensive. Example: I would like to fly to Bali, but it pays to fly to Jakarta (Jakarta) and then take an internal flight or a different method of transportation to your destination. In most cases, keeping your options open leads to cheaper airfares - don't fixate on one destination, but choose several, and think about what's more cost-effective.

Ask about cheap airline tickets!

Of course, every situation or destination also has its own specific solutions, so it is always good to talk to one of our agents who will help you find various plans for your particular situation.

Why choose a travel agency?

There are hundreds of different websites selling tickets available online, all promising the fastest links, the lowest airfare rates, and just a few clicks to a successful booking. Now we all know that it's not quite that simple. If you're not booking low cost airline tickets, you always spend a lot of time on these sites collecting information on the cheapest airline tickets. In addition, you might stumble on some pages with dubious content. The experience can be very frustrating. Finally - are you sure you got the best flight ticket? The fastest connection? Did you check all the details, including the fact that you won't be sitting around a connecting airport for 14 hours on your trip?

Every time you book your ticket online, ask yourself:

  • How long did it take to book your flights?
  • Do you have Travel Cancellation Risk Insurance?
  • Do you have someone to contact in case of cancellation, change of date, problems with the airline?

The time you spend searching for airline tickets could be spent with your family or friends. Your time is precious, so value it.
In addition to the time you spend searching, communication with the online agency through which you purchased your airline ticket is the biggest problem. Are you sure they will be available if you'd like to make a change? And, more importantly, will they be available to you if anything goes wrong on your journey?

At Nomago Travel, we offer you full support; if you're a frequent traveller and have special terms agreed with us, or if your company has such an agreement, we also provide 24/7 telephone support in Slovenian.
It is better to work with us every step of the way, as we solve many of your concerns, resolve any misunderstandings and resolve claims on your behalf with airlines, as well as offer you the best airfare rates whenever you need them.

Stay in touch!

The right moment is everything. Sometimes airlines publish a special campaign prices, and these flights will be the cheapest way for you to get to your destination. That's why at Nomago Travel, we make sure to keep you informed of the various discount campaigns and offers through as many channels as possible. If you follow us on a regular basis, your can't possibly miss your ticket.

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