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Parking at airports

If you are going to the airport by car, be sure to consider the cost of parking. Prices depend on the duration and type of parking. The pricelist below can help you plan your trip - it might be better to travel to the airport with organized transportation, which you can also arrange with us. The approximate prices for the airports in Ljubljana, Zagreb, Venice, Munich and Milan are listed below.

Parking at airports




P2 outdoor parking: up to 15 minutes free of charge Outdoor parking: up to 10 minutes free; up to 1 hr: 27 HRK
Up to 1 hour: 2 EUR 2 hours: 47 HRK
1-2 hours: 3.5 EUR 3 hours: 70 HRK
1-3 days: 12 EUR/day 1-2 days: 210 HRK
from day 4 onwards: 6 EUR/day 3-5 days: 72 HRK/day
Parking garage: up to 1 hour: 2.5 EUR from day 6: 68 HRK/day
1-2 hours: 4.5 EUR Lost parking ticket: 800 HRK
1-3 days: 14 EUR/day
from day 4: 8 EUR/day




Outdoor parking P1: free of charge for up to 10 min. Short-term - first hour: from 6.5 EUR, every following hour: 3 EUR/hour
Up to 2 hours: 3.5 EUR Long-term parking - Parking P4: from EUR/day (100 EUR for 7 days)
1 day: 12 EUR Parking P6: 100 EUR for 7 days, every next day 15 EUR
From day 2: 12 EUR/day Parking P7: 2 to 4 days is 25 EUR/day
from day 7: 5 EUR/day
price for up to 7 days is 100 EUR, each additional day costs an additional 15 EUR
Outdoor parking P2: free of charge for up to 10 min.

Up to 2 hours: 6 EUR
1 day: 15 EUR, from the 2nd day: 11-13 EUR/day
 from day 7: 7 EUR/day (other parking areas are available)




For short periods: up to 1 hour - 3 EUR Parking for up to 10 minutes is free.
1 day: from 29 EUR For short periods: 1 hour - 2-5 EUR
7 days: from 59 EUR 7 to 8 days: 86 to 199 EUR 
There are several terminals available with different rates depending on the duration of
parking and distance from the terminal.
15 days: from 114 to 199 EUR

Several terminals are available with different tariffs depending on the duration 
of parking and distance from the terminal. 
All prices are for informational purposes only, as available on January 15, 2019.
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