VIP - Special occasion transfers

We offer the possibility of transport with 3-seat passenger cars of a high standard, providing a pleasant, safe, and comfortable drive.

Our drivers are professionally trained, sophisticated, and knowledgeable about domestic and European destinations. Transfer services are carried out in accordance with the applicable transport, labour and tax legislation, and all our passengers and vehicles are insured.

What do we offer?

  • private transfer for the most demanding – ensure your timely, safe, and luxurious arrival at your destination
  • Care-free business transfer for important business partners or high-level guests, ensuring both timely arrival and discretion

Why travel with us?

Private transfers in luxury business class vehicles deliver you safely and comfortably to your destination of choice:

  • the bride (or groom) to the wedding ceremony, when everything must run smoothly and every minute counts
  • exclusive event participants to the event location, where the reliable service, timely arrival, and arrival in style are all of great concern
  • when organizing a visit for business partners, provide them with the highest standard of transport to the airport or meeting

Address inquiries by email to or call us at +386 1 431 77 00.

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