For small groups
or higher comfort

For all small groups, private or business, we offer 7/8-seater high standard vans ensuring pleasant, safe and comfortable ride.

Our drivers are kind, professionally trained and have lots of experiences on local and European destinations. 

What we offer?

  • Transfers to airports, ports, bus, and railway stations;
  • Transfers to fairs, business and social gatherings;
  • Transport for trips and excursions in Slovenia and abroad;
  • Transport of children on excursions, sports, and cultural events;
  • Transport of theatre and music groups on tour;
  • Transfers to sporting, cultural and music events;

Why book Nomago?

Because we guarantee:

  • Modern and comfortable coaches;
  • Kind and professional drivers;
  • Sales team that constantly works to meet your wishes and needs, including by offering a wide range of additional services (drinks, snacks, meet & greet…);
  • 24/7 availability. 

Private transfers to nearby airports 

  • Venice & Treviso… starting from 235 € 
  • Trieste… starting from 145 € 
  • Zagreb… starting from 145 € 
  • Vienna… starting from 450 € 
  • Graz… starting from 235 € 
  • Klagenfurt… starting from 125 €

Would you like to make an inquiry? Follow the link and with just a few steps you will get informative price for your requested transfer. 

For any further information we stay at your disposal on prevozi@nomago.sii or +386 1 431 77 00.

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