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The most affordable destinations of 2019

Check out the list of the most popular and favorite destinations this year, along with affordable plane tickets. Send us an inquiry, we'll be happy to arrange your next adventure!


Visit one of the exciting European capitals. Take advantage of the extended weekend for a short break or take more time and explore the city in detail.

  • London od 80 €
  • Paris from 70 €
  • Lisbon from 130 €
  • Barcelona from 80 €
  • Zurich from 150 €
  • Amsterdam from 90 €
  • Moscow from 190 €


Whether you are a city enthusiast or a nature lover, you'll find it in the US! Their large cities will delight you with their urban hustle and bustle, and the countryside nature will amaze you with its beauty.

  • New York from 380 €
  • Miami from 450 €
  • Los Angeles from 600 €
  • Las Vegas from 750 €
  • San Francisco from 550 €


Take a stroll along the Great Wall of China, discover the hidden beaches of Sri Lanka, admire the flowering cherries in Japan or take a dip on the shores of Indonesia and the Philippines.

  • Bangkok from 400 €
  • Indonesia from 520 €
  • Bali from 650 €
  • Philippines, Manila from 570 €
  • Sri Lanka from 400 €
  • Indonesia from 520 €


Visit the Great Barrier Reef, learn how to surf, experience the sunset on Uluru, or spend Christmas day in a swimsuit on the beach. Australia offers endless possibilities for new travel experiences!

  • Sydney from 960 €
  • Melbourne from 1020 €
  • Perth from 1100 €

 New Zealand

Wild and spectacular scenery, miles of secluded beaches, volcanoes and national parks. Who wouldn't want to fly to New Zealand?

  • Auckland from 1100 €

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