About Nomago

The company Nomago is the largest Slovenian provider of travel and mobility services. Trips into the unknown and exciting. Daily trips, the quick and unnoticed. Trips begin with Nomagom but they end at the doorstep. The doorstep to our homes, schools, airtports, concerts, faires, resorts.

First and foremost, Nomago strives to provide each and every individual or group with travel services that are always at available, personal and enjoyable, and tailored to the expectations of today's digital society.

Nomago yesterday

Nomago was formed by the merger of Avrigo, Izletnik Celje, STA Travel, Promet Mesec and AP Rižana into a group of leading providers in their respective fields.

The history of the Izletnik Celje and Avrigo companies goes back to 1929 and 1945, when they first began operating bus services in their local areas. The growth of their transport activity has significantly contributed to the development of the Celje and Gorizia regions, their economies, and society. In the years since their establishment, the two companies have grown into large carriers, and the addition of Promet Mesec and AP Rižana, the group has become the largest bus and coach provider in the country. In passenger traffic alone, Nomago combines 600 buses that can carry over 10 million passengers annually on more than 500 scheduled routes.

The group currently also provides urban passenger transport in 5 Slovenian cities (Nova Gorica, Velenje, Postojna, Krško and Idrija) and daily special services for more than 100 school districts and businesses across the country. The company is the official carrier of the Udinese Calcio Udine football team, the Alma Palacanestro Trieste basketball team, and cruise passengers at stops in Koper, Trieste and Venice ports, as well as the aviation acrobatic group Frecce Tricolori. It's also the official carrier of the Slovenian national basketball team on the way to their practices and matches.

The merger with the travel agency STA Potovanja supplements Nomago's road transport with a leading provider of travel services. For 18 years, the STA Travel team has grown into one of the leading agencies in the field of airline ticket sales, travel, lodging, business travel, student work abroad and language holidays for children, as well as other products. Their growth was driven primarily by a focus on customer satisfaction and the provision of exceptional services to all customers, from individuals to businesses, government, and other public sector companies. In the past, this approach has led to the sale of nearly half a million airline tickets and the trust of over 200,000 satisfied customers, and within Nomago, the team is committed to developing comprehensive travel services that leverage all that Nomago has to offer.

Nomago tomorrow

In the future, Nomago sees great potential in the utilization of latest technology to bring travel and transportation closer to customers and their lifestyle. The use of new technology supports business improvements, increased transport security and passenger safety, and our customers will especially notice greater accessibility and transparency in all services.

Despite the advantages it brings, technology often reduces human contact between service providers and their users. The travel segment is a typical example of services where customers expect more and more personal contact with travel agents, their knowledge of destinations and the understanding of many traveler types. The best practices in customer care are highly appreciated by travelers and airline ticket buyers, and they will continue to represent an essential part of all of the company's services under the Nomago brand.

Travelers and passengers will enjoy continually improving access to mobile applications for all their purchases and information, and over time, they can also look forward to integrated services that will simply transport them from their doorstep to any destination in the world. On every trip, be it business travel, morning commute, or an exotic escape, Nomago services will be accompanied with all needed help and support, through multiple communication channels.

Technology will also significantly improve the environmental impact of transport. Nomago is a co-signer of the EDISON (Eco Driving Innovative Solutions and Networking) project, and is already expanding its fleet of vehicles exclusively with vehicles complying with EURO 5 and EURO 6 standards, and electric vehicle integration projects are already underway.

Nomago will continue the long-standing efforts of all companies who formed it under a unified brand. Nomago will actively develop services our users need to meet their daily mobility and the leasure vacations that take them away from it.

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