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What is an electronic airline ticket?

More than ten years ago, all airlines issued paper airline tickets and passengers were not allowed to fly without an actual ticket. If anyone lost this type of plane ticket, there were additional costs and complications.

Today, as a rule, all airlines that are members of IATA only issue electronic airline tickets, which means that your airline ticket is tied to a special number and the document you get with us is simply a ticket certificate. When you go to the airport, it is still a good idea to have this certificate with you, as your ticket number is written on it. Fortunately, the number is stored in the system, which means that you are not in trouble if you lose the certificate. For most airlines and airports, only a personal ID is sufficient. However, we strongly recommend that you keep the printed electronic card.

What do the parts of my ticket mean?

1 - address of the issuing agency - in this case, this is our address.

2 - Issue date of your flight ticket. 

3 - Passenger name.

4 - Our telephone number - you can always call us in case of problems, questions and/or comments.

5 - The airline that issued your ticket does not mean that all your flights are with this airline. Some airlines have contracts with other airlines, so your flights may be with different airlines.

6 - This is the number of your electronic ticket. We recommend that you save it on your phone or computer in case you lose your ticket.

7 - This is the 6-digit code of the Amadeus system, which you can use to check flight information at the check my trip page. Sometimes, a 6-digit code for individual airlines is also listed. You may need these when checking in online.

8 - The first line contains the starting point of the flight, and the second line lists your destination. Sometimes, the terminal from which you depart is also listed. The name or code of the airport is sometimes listed.

9 - This is your flight number. It starts with a two-letter code representing the airline (JP - Adria Airways, LH - Lufthansa, etc). The following is the flight number with this airline. This information is important, especially to find the gate for boarding at the airport, as most signage shows flight numbers.

10 - Date and time of departure. Remember, you need to get to the airport earlier (depending on flight and airport) - 2-3 hours are recommended. ATTENTION: All times and dates are listed in local time. The departure time is based on the departure airport timezone.

11 - This is the code that lists the price and rules of your ticket.

12 - Time of arrival.It is usually the same date as departure; if not, this is labeled (+1 or the actual date). ATTENTION: The times and dates are local, which means that the arrival time is governed by the time zone at your destination airport.

13 - This is the validity period for your ticket - this does not mean that you can leave the plane at any time between the written dates, but that it is possible to change the date for an additional charge within those dates, if other rules allow it.

14 - The column indicates how much luggage can be checked in.

15 - Indicates the status of your ticket - this always says OK, or the ticket could not be issued.

16 - This is the booking class - it determines the price and conditions of your ticket. Usually, the lower classes are cheaper, but they do not allow for many changes. The class also indicates which class you are flying in.

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