Our drivers

Friendly drivers who bring you to your destination safely and promptly

 Our drivers are often the first contact of a traveller has with the company Nomago. We strive to help you start your journey with a friendly drivers' greeting, continue in the most comfortable seats we could find, and finish up with a timely arrival to your desired location. Nomago puts passengers first, and we strive to make your journey as pleasant as we can. Come along! 

We want passengers to feel as relaxed as possible while underway.  

Our drivers perform their work professionally. They are aware that they have a significant impact on the well-being of their passengers. This is why they regularly maintain their own uniforms and presentation, as well as ensure the cleanliness of the vehicles. They carefully monitor the road and passengers on the bus. Traveling with a heavy suitcase? Our driver will gladly take it off your hands and place it in the cargo hold. If you need any assistance getting on or off the bus, let the driver know and they will gladly oblige.

Driver's responsibility to passengers

All drivers are conscious of their responsibility to the passengers on the bus. This is why their attention and eyes are focused on the road, and their prime concern is always the safety of the passengers. The drive is adapted as needed to the conditions and other vehicles on the road. They strictly adhere to safety standards and all traffic regulations. They stop at the appropriate bus stations or dedicated roadway stops, and respect other drivers. Some routes are a daily assignment for the drivers, so they know them well. On others, they might find themselves for the first time, which is why they help navigate to their destination with GPS equipment. They do all they can to reach their destination safely and on time.

Še preden se voznik usede na avtobus in se zapelje do prve postaje, se mora prepričati, da je vozilo ustrezno pripravljeno na vožnjo. Zavedamo namreč se, da vsak dodaten postanek potnike postavlja v neprijetno situacijo, ki nenačrtovano podaljša čas potovanja. A včasih se nepričakovani okvari vozila preprosto ne da ubežati, zato je vsak voznik naučen, kako ravnati ob takem neljubem dogodku.

Vozniki morajo ob vožnji upoštevati tudi obvezne postanke, da si lahko odpočijejo in razvedrijo svoje misli.

Odgovornost potnikov do sebe in drugih oseb na avtobusu

Da bo vožnja z nami prijetna za vse, je del odgovornosti tudi na vas, naših potnikih. Pomembno je, da si v primeru, ko avtobusni sedež to dopušča, vedno pripneš varnostni pas. Na avtobus ni dovoljeno vnašati nobenih nevarnih snovi ali predmetov in zakonsko prepovedanih substanc. Če potnik nima veljavne vozovnice ali če ogroža varnost sebe in drugih oseb na avtobusu, mora voznik zavrniti njegov vstop na avtobus.


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