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The main focus of our experienced and dedicated team is to provide an excellent user experience to our customers when booking coach or private transfers. Our transfer services start and bring you back to your desired location, whether this is at home, school, office, airport, resort or concert. We provide safe and comfortable services that are in line with the modern sustainable trends. Our fleet consists of vehicles with minimal impact on the environment, and we are gradually introducing hybrid and electrical vehicles to meet ISO standard for environmental protection. With instant responsiveness and flexibility, personal assistance and 24/7availability, we strive to provide high level services for travel agencies, tour operators, cruise line companies, corporate customers, sports associations, sport clubs as well as organizers of sports, congress, cultural or other events from Slovenia and abroad. With an experienced team and a diverse and extensive vehicle fleet at our disposal we are able to manage even the most high-level and complex events.

To provide an effective and user-friendly integrated service experience, we developed a unique booking platform called Nomago Charter. The system assists customers with prompt and easy access to all requested information. Its modern design follows our company’s key strategic goal, which is the digitalization and modernization of our business as a whole.

Nomago was established in 2018 with the merger of companies which together have more than 150 years of experience in transfer services. Our fleet counts more than 700 vehicles, we employ more than 800 professional drivers, and we strive to provide a reliable customer support. Our professionally trained drivers along with a modern and regularly serviced vehicle fleet are a guarantee that you will arrive safely, comfortably and on time to your desired destination. Our company consistently complies with all road safety regulations, road traffic legislation, the European Regulation 561/2006, labour and tax legislation. During transfers vehicles and passengers are insured.

We try our best to make trips and transfers with Nomago as relaxing as possible so that our passengers can escape their strenuous daily routine.  

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