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You can count on us – we take great care to make sure you arrive safely and comfortably at your desired destination. No compromises.

Nomago offers 500 buses, more than 600 drivers and reliable customer support for all your transportation needs. The most important thing is feeling safe and trusting that you will arrive at your destination on time, relaxed and worry-free, whether you are going on a long journey, business trip or just commuting to work. Our diligent, professionally trained drivers will make sure of that using our meticulously maintained, environmentally friendly and safe fleet.

Nomago joins companies with more than 150 years of transportation experience under one roof, which is why they know very well how important it is to have a solution for anything and everything. A bus breaks down while traveling? A new bus is already on the way – anytime, anywhere. Ordered transportation at the last minute? Experience has taught us that we should always have a bus on standby for such cases. The driver gets sick just before the journey? Don't worry, you will not be stranded. A new, well-rested and experienced driver is ready to take the reigns at any moment.

Journeys and trips with Nomago buses will be your long or short breaks from the hustle and bustle of everyday life – we are striving to make every ride relaxing for our passengers. This is why your user experience and your well-being while using our services is what's most important to us even though we are Slovenia's biggest carrier and tour operator. Everyone at Nomago strives to provide an excellent service at all times.

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